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In virtually every deck of Tarot cards made to date, there is a clear cut division between 2 very distinct types of cards in the deck, the MAJOR and the Minor Arcana.  In this section I will discuss the Major Arcana.

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana (Or the Trump Cards) are known as the most powerful cards in the deck, starting with the The Magician and ending with the Fool.  To me these cards are the most important in the deck because they represent the most powerful influences in the questioners life .  They predict life's major issues, and they outweigh all other cards.

Their position in the spread, show the reader where to pay special attention and care to, because it is those cards that are most important to the reader.  They are practically jumping out to you and giving you the biggest hint.


Pay attention to the images on the card.  The cards have a divinatory meaning insofar as  the energies and the events surrounding the person consulting the cards are concerned.  The lessons these cards are trying to teach are self-development, improvement and the healing of mind body and spirit, or the Triquetra of the person.


The deck that I will be using for the graphics.  I have sent a letter for permission, and will take them down if I am not allowed.  But full credit is given to Ellen Cannon Reed and Martin Cannon for the cards.  And to Llewellyn Publishing.  None of the graphic from the cards can be reproduced without their permission. 

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