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The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana make up the rest of the deck and are divided into 4 sections;

Cup Definitions Pentacle Definitions Sword Definitions Wand Definition





Each have cards numbered from Ace to 10 and also have 4 court cards (Court card differing from deck to deck).  The Court cards of course are known as the Court Arcana, which I will divide into later.

The Minor cards refer to the lesser events of the ever day life of the questioners life.  They are numbered below and have a word above that describe the basic energy of the card.

They further explore the Wheel of the Year with each suit equating to a different season.  Each one has its own lesson

Sword: Developing of the mental ability, and gathering of knowledge.

Wands:   Spiritual and creative impulse

Cups:      Emotional and spiritual growth   

Disks (Pentacles): Materials and practical application of what has been learned. 

Usually these cards can pinpoint events and/or the type of person and the type of work associated with that person.  Think of these cards as the "Astrological" flags as well as a Personality profile/Time Frame indicator/just a all around people cards.

The deck that I will be using for the graphics.  I have sent a letter for permission, and will take them down if I am not allowed.  But full credit is given to Ellen Cannon Reed and Martin Cannon for the cards.  And to Llewellyn Publishing.  None of the graphic from the cards can be reproduced without their permission. 

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