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Yes Tarot even equivocates to the time of the seasons and Astrology and even Numerology (WHEW a LOT to cover on one page)!! 

Astrology Aspects

As was mentioned on the court page, they are very much the Astrological aspect of the cards.  And each of them represent a Astrological sign.  And in doing so, of course they have their own aspects, and when they come up in a reading, they are flagging

  • King of Wands: Aries

  • Queen of Wands: Leo

  • Page of Wands:  Sagittarius

  • King of Cups: Cancer

  • Queen of Cups:  Scorpio
  • Page of Cups:  Pisces
  • King of Swords:  Libra
  • Queen of Swords:  Virgo
  • Page of Swords:  Taurus
  • King of Pentacles:  Gemini
  • Queen of Pentacles:  Aquarius
  • Page of Pentacles:  Capricorn




The deck that I will be using for the graphics.  I have sent a letter for permission, and will take them down if I am not allowed.  But full credit is given to Ellen Cannon Reed and Martin Cannon for the cards.  And to Llewellyn Publishing.  None of the graphic from the cards can be reproduced without their permission. 

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