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Every card, (except for the court Arcana), has a number on it somewhere.  They begin with the number 1 and end with the number 9.

The Major Arcana numbers from 1 to 22, and follow the same cycle as the 1-9 in numerology but continue in the card "Wheel of Fortune" #10 as a compound number ie, 1 (1+0=1)

Justice (#11) and The Fool (#22) are master numbers.  But I personally do the following:

ALL numbers over 9 are reduced  and read as single numbers.

I will give this information out with every card. 


The deck that I will be using for the graphics.  I have sent a letter for permission, and will take them down if I am not allowed.  But full credit is given to Ellen Cannon Reed and Martin Cannon for the cards.  And to Llewellyn Publishing.  None of the graphic from the cards can be reproduced without their permission. 

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