Sex Magic

Sex Magick

In this presentation I intent to approach sexuality in an open and honest way. This means that I will name body parts and sexual activities by their (official) names, although I find words like penis, vagina and masturbation horrible inventions. This further means that I will illustrate the text with some beautiful but erotic pieces of art. This also means that I may mention sexual expressions you might find offensive, and that is fine. Your sex life is a very personal part of you, and no one besides yourself can decide what you should include or not. My aim is to give you good and practical information on this form of magick; in no way I wish to be obscene.

I believe that sex is a great gift from God/the Goddess by which we can meet each other in a very pure, joyful and innocent way. To me sex magick is a sacred and deep form of spirituality.


Introduction to Sex Magick

"Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul."  Oscar Wilde

Sex magick means using your sexuality in order to work magick. This technique is neither new nor outrageous; although usually kept secret many esoteric systems use sexuality for spiritual and magical aims. Examples of such traditions are witchcraft, shamanism, alchemy, Buddhism and Hinduism, Tantra and ancient Egyptian religion.

A probably more known form of sex magick is the ceremonial sexual union of man and woman on the land to ensure a good crop. Their fertility act should encourage the land to deliver a rich harvest. Western sex magick has its roots in Hebrew kabbalah and is spread further through several occult doctrines like the Knights Templar and the Free Masons.

Nowadays sex magick is a beautiful way of giving sex back its rightful place of sacred sexuality. It is a firm invitation to leave the trail of the sneaky, hidden-in-the-dark and 'sinful' sex most of us have grown up with. It is a call to stop fighting this most powerful human force and to make use of its possibilities. Since sexuality is a gift from God/the Goddess it is divine. Within an open and respectful sexual relationship we can experience ourselves in all our aspects: the animal part, the human part and the divine flame within. Thus the beast-man-God is connected, as well as the beast-woman-Goddess.

During sexual arousal an enormous amount of energy can be channeled upwards from the genitals along the spine to the top of the head. On its way up this energy fills and cleans blockages in the chakras, caused by emotional and psychological wounds. This explains why several spiritual paths view sexual yoga as a shortcut to enlightenment.

Kiss of the whole World – wall painting by Gustav Klimt

Why use sex for magical aims? Simply because the creative force itself creates very powerful magick. Secondly because it is the most pleasurable magick one can do. The strong sexual force is the 'raw oil of our body' as Lama Yeshe stated. Several practitioners of sex magick reported that this form of magick turned out to be much stronger then the ceremonial magick they had practiced before.

Sex magick does not require previous knowledge of ceremonial magick. Anyone who is dedicated to controlling and directing his or her sexual energies for magickal work, and who has a reasonable physical condition, is able to perform sex magick. However, if you don't feel attracted to sex magick simply don't do it! And never let someone force you into sex magick against your will. Practicing sex magick neither implies that you have to give up sex for pleasure. It is up to you to decide how much sex you wish to use for magical rituals and how much for purely having a good time with yourself or your partner.

What is the theory behind sex magick?

In magick we manipulate a certain amount of energy into a desired direction; for that we specify a goal, raise energy and point it into the wished direction (release the energy) to achieve a manifestation in our physical reality.

In sex magick we basically focus on a goal by affirmation, visualization, etc.; we raise much energy through prolonged sexual arousal and we release the energy at the moment of orgasm. The goal in sex magick can be the achievement or attraction of anything wished in the physical world, like a new house, a better relationship or a healing. It can also be the charging of magickal tools or talismans. And the goal can be spiritual development.

This controlled form of lovemaking for higher purposes is often mentioned as the ultimate explanation of Crowley’s famous statement "Love is the Law, Love under Will." By love Crowley meant the uniting of the opposites masculine and feminine, active and receptive, and not so much romantic love. Orgasm is considered to be the moment when 'the gates of heaven open up'; for a while the barriers between the restricted physical world and the limitless heavens dissolve.

During the precious orgasmic moments we swing away our magical desire into the universe with enormous power and a 'magickal child' is born. This magickal child is the astral effect of our magical action that will result in manifestation.

The sexual fluids of man and woman are charged with powerful qualities because of their magick and they can be used for several purposes.

Sexual spirituality depicted on the Khajuraho Temple, India

What types of sex can be used for sex magick? In fact any sexual activity can be used to work sex magick. It can be practiced alone, it can be practiced with a partner of the same sex or of the opposite sex, and in advanced sex magick it is also possible to work with more people. But: a group sex magick ritual is never an excuse for a sexual orgy!

It is a strong ritual in which several people dedicate their sexual forces towards a mutual goal. Magick is synergistic, what means that the power conjured up is geometric (1,2,4,8,16, etc., so a ritual with four people gives the energy of eight separate people!).

Please remember that in no way this is an invitation to ever do a group ritual in your life unwanted, nor does it mean that joining a group ritual implies that you should also have sex with more than one partner in your personal love life. You can include all forms of sex in your ritual; it can be genital, oral or anal sex; it can be bondage, bizarre sex or whatever; as long as all partners included enjoy it and agree it's okay.

Does sex magick feel different from regular sex?

In sex magick we concentrate on the ritual, while in regular sex we concentrate on the fantastic physical sensations and intimate togetherness. Sex magick rituals feel very pleasurable but they do feel different. They are simply more intense.

A much greater amount of sexual energy is built up due to mainly two reasons:

Sometimes I notice that halfway the ritual I can already feel the magical energy working. I feel a large amount of hot energy along my spine and the chakras in my head, while the crown chakra feels like a wide opened chalice or lotus flower. The energy can cause big shiverings or emotional unloads like crying, mostly after orgasm (be prepared for this and let it happen to yourself or your partner, it clears blockages).

Sex magick orgasms will be intense. And after a ritual with a partner I feel reverent and grateful, realizing that we have shared something truly meaningful. Once you know the depths and values of sex magick I wonder if a partner who would prefer to stick to 'normal' sex could any longer satisfy your needs.

What about safe sex?

I have never heard of anyone who liked condoms, but they do have their effect on preventing sexual transferable diseases. So in case you do magick with a partner you're not sure of his/her physical sexual health, or in case you have several partners or alternating partners - do yourself a favor and use a condom (with flavor).

Please also be very careful with oral sex in case you or your partner has a bleeding wound or an ulcer in the mouth or on the genital area, or in case of an unusual looking or smelling sexual fluid. Take care of your body and see a doctor. Several sex magick authors emphasize the importance of the mingling of male and female sexual fluids; in case you have a partner who carries no sexual transferable disease it is great to (also) physically mingle sexual fluids; but in case you're not sure please know that magick goes beyond matter, what means that on astral level sexual fluids are mingled anyway, condom or not.

Preparations for Sex Magick

"Spectacular achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation." Robert H. Schuller

The first thing is being a good body with your body!

Human bodies are beautifully shaped and wondrously working temples of the soul; in sex magick the body literally is the temple in which the divine is worshipped, and the genital area is the altar.

Yet so many of us are unfortunately raised with the idea that our genitals are ugly. Why for heaven's sake? Why is it considered to be very romantic if a poet describes the beautiful eyes, face or breasts of a woman, and why is thought to be obscene if he mentions the attraction of an opened vulva? Why are male strippers sexy while wearing a string and don't the women want them completely naked? Has the Goddess forgotten something or is there something strange going on in society?

The idea of genitals being a less accepted body part has everything to do with the belief system of Christian and Islamic based societies having difficulties with accepting sexuality. In this age you're allowed to think for yourself. Look into the deepest you and ask yourself what you really find of the vulva of a woman when she in excitement opens up for you like a flower, swelling and more coloring, spreading a musky odor and an inviting moisture? And let your heart speak if a man's testicles are swelling, his penis is hard and big and his breath is deepening. He is proud of it himself, and why shouldn't you be?

Nature/the Goddess has granted us the gift of being Gods ourselves; through these 'ugly' genitals we can create a 'beautiful' baby - isn't this way of thinking completely insane? To me the Indian approach with openly yoni (the vagina) and vajra or lingam (the penis) worship is much healthier.

Another commonly spread idea is that our buttocks should better not be exposed. The truth is however that both men and women get attracted and excited about the butts of their partners, whether they are ideally shaped according to certain standards or not.

Numerous periodicals show models size 34 to 36 with a body-fat percentage of 10, while average women have 22 - 26 percent body-fat. Mother Nature does not agree with the 'ideal' image of nowadays - beneath a certain amount of body-fat women simply won't get pregnant. Many low-weighted ballet dancers and sufferers of anorexia /bulimia don't menstruate! In earlier days the idea of beauty was much heavier - if you look at the beautiful Greek goddesses or the women depicted on 17th till 19th century paintings we would nowadays consider them to be rubinesc. The moral behind this story is that the idea of what is beautiful or not depends very much on the standards of a certain time. So please throw all this social nonsense overboard.

Accept your body as a miraculous instrument that does anything you want it to do; secondly accept its unique shapes, unless your overweight is negatively influencing your well being. In that case go to a gym or sports school and adapt healthy eating habits. Working out regularly not only improves your physical health and appearance, but it also increases your sex-drive and heightens your self-esteem. Once you start it will become a 'healthy addiction' and it will help you with the prolonged sexual activity of sex magick.

Danaid, marble sculpture by Auguste Rodin

The second thing is having an open and respectful approach of sexuality.

In the book 'Conversations with God' Neale Walsch asks how we could best express sexual energy. And God’s answer is: "Lovingly. Openly. Playfully. Joyfully. Outrageous. Passionately. Sacred. Creative. Shameless. Sensual. And of course regularly."

About masturbation in the same reference God states, "give yourself enough pleasure and you will dispose of enough pleasure to give away to others". For those who wonder whether sex should be openly discussed and celebrated I hope this is an answer. Sex can be a fantastic way of deep communication between two people and with the inner you. Positive sexual experiences are very healing on psychological and physical level (yes, physical ailments and diseases have been cured by having sex) and they repair lesions in the auric shield.

Accepting and enjoying the pure you provides a strong connection with the forces of ever-creative Great Mother Nature, and it reminds us of being gods ourselves. In this way oral sex becomes an intimate way of worshipping the god or goddess in your partner through adoring the genitals, being the physical representation of the male or female deity. In oral sex the active partner connects the spiritual chakras in the head with the sexual and creative chakra of the receptive partner, another connection between spirituality and sexuality.

Sex makes room to experience both our male and female side, and to alternatively be active and passive, electric and magnetic; thus it enhances inner balance and we cherish the inner lover. Sexuality and spirituality are two sides of the same coin; they both aim at feeling fantastic, being in the present moment (the never-ending now), dissolving barriers with other realms, connecting with the divine, experiencing oneness, timelessness, void and ecstasy. Only their starting point differs: sex starts in the lowest chakras while spirituality is seated in the higher chakras.

Once there is room for acceptance of yourself and your lover, accompanied by trust of and respect for one another, you will experience love, there will be surrender to your partner and the sexual force and the divinity inside can express itself. This kind of sexuality will lift you up beyond genital and physical sensations and lead to inner peace, happiness, strength and spiritual growth.

Although you can perform sex magick using only the strong physical energy of sexuality (on the level of the second or sex chakra) a higher form of sex magick can be achieved once you can honor the divinity inside (up till the 13th chakra of transformation). It may be clear that sex magick leaves no room for prudery, hidden sexual agendas or conflicts of power between male and female forces.

Bronze sculpture of Gustav Vigeland

Conscious use of the breath is quite important in sex magick. Any type of bodywork teaches that breathing deeply is important to relax, to free yourself from mental occupation and to get more in contact with your feelings. But there is more: Breathing deeply helps to charge your sexual battery. Breathing deeply helps to postpone orgasm/ejaculation. Partners can circle and increase energy when the active partner inhales through the nose and exhales through the genitals, while the receptive, or other partner inhales through the genitals and exhales through the nose. (This is partly a mental process.) Partners can also synchronize inhaling and exhaling to tune into each other.

In sex magick we breathe into the magical goal we visualize and/or affirm. And finally we can breathe our orgasmic energy into the chosen reality or intention. Increase the awareness of your breath by taking at least several complete yoga respirations a day in the open air: first empty your lungs, slowly fill up your belly with air, then your chest and finally your upper lungs up till your throat. Hold on this air for a while and then start exhaling; first press the air out of your belly with your muscles, then out of the chest area and finally out of the upper lungs. When you have released all the air from your body keep it that way for a while. Slowly inhale from the belly, etc. This is also a very effective way to release stress and increase mental clarity.

The Kiss, sculpture of C. Brancusi, 1907

Strengthening exercises of the muscles in the pelvis will enable you to selectively increase and decrease sexual arousal. By deliberately contracting these muscles erections will be stronger, while erotic sensations and orgasms in both men and women will be intensified.

Let's start with the pubococcygeus muscle on the pelvis floor. You'll get to know this muscle by deliberately stopping the flow of urine several times. The way of exercising this muscle is as follows: contract it as if you stop urinating and at the same time move it upward as if you wish to pull your genitals inside your belly. Women can put one or two fingers in the vagina doing this exercise and will notice that the vagina will gently contract too. Men will notice a bobbing up of the head of the penis during contractions. Advantages of this exercise for both sexes are stronger sexual feelings and curing/preventing of urinary stress incontinence. Further advantage for women is indirect stimulation of the clitoris and for men an increased erectile potency.

The second important muscle system can be exercised by contracting the anal sphincter, as if you are trying to hold back the stool, again accompanied by upward movements of the genitals. If you contract this sphincter strongly you will notice that it is connected with other muscles in the pelvis. A good way of energizing yourself is the regular exercising of these muscles while visualizing the life energy spiraling upwards along your spine, through your head and moving downward to your genitals again through the front side of your body. In women the anal sphincter is connected with the vaginal sphincter and other vaginal muscles. By deliberate contractions women can learn to independently contract the vaginal sphincter, the muscles along the vagina wall and the anal sphincter.

Why should they do that? Learning a fluid contraction that starts in the vaginal sphincter and spreads upwards to the womb, as if you are 'milking a cow' gives the penis a massage. You can also start these contractions at the cervix and work downwards to the vaginal sphincter. In this way women increase the erotic feelings of both their partner and themselves. Contracting the vaginal sphincter during intercourse will help maintain male erection. Strong contractions of all vaginal muscles at the brink of his orgasm, followed by rhythmic 'milking' movements will intensify orgasm in men.

Once you have learned how to control your pelvic muscles you can consciously relax them to take off sensual pressure at the point-of-no-return and thus postpone ejaculation. So contract them to arouse, and relax them to back off (this goes for both men and women).

Practicing Sex Magick

"O Lord, intoxicate me with the wine Of Thy Love. Place the chains of Thy slavery on My feet; Make me empty of all but Thy love, And in it destroy me and bring me back to life.

The hunger Thou has awakened culminates In fulfillment."

Sufimaster Sheikh Abdullah Ansari

In this section I give you the basic structure of a sex magick ritual with the 'how's and 'why's while next chapter describes several possibilities for working alone, with one or maybe more partners.

First set a goal

What exactly do you want to achieve with your magick? Your goal can be any material attainment, like a new job, prosperity in business affairs, a pleasant house, whatever. Your goal can be the healing of yourself, another person, mother earth… Your intent can be improvement of an existing relationship or attraction of a new one. You may wish to (further) develop several qualities in yourself, or create an excellent artistic piece.

You may wish to embrace the inner lover, and establish a stronger connection with your higher self. You may wish to charge an amulet, talisman, or magical tools, or anything else. Deeply desired wishes create the strongest magick!

Then create something that makes it possible to laser-like concentrate on your goal/intent during the ritual - this can be a short affirmation. During the ritual you can repeat the whole affirmation. Another possibility is to reduce this affirmation to a word that covers its central idea; this will be your magical word. Examples: the affirmation "I am a successful business(wo)man" becomes "Success". "I request the universe to send me the best possible lover, or partner" becomes "Lover" or "Partner".

The idea behind it is that your sub-consciousness now knows your full intent, therefore it is sufficient to only repeat your magical word during the ritual.

Prepare your working space

Clean the space where the ritual will take place. Decorate it with candles, incense, flowers, gemstones or anything else you find appropriate. If you use symbols or other pictures make sure you can see them during the ritual. If you wish to play music, don't forget to put it on the repeat-button. Close the door and lay the phone off the hook.

Clean your body

While bathing or showering you can visualize the water washing off all mental, emotional and physical dirt.

Relax for a while

Take some deep breaths or meditate a little. If you do magick with a partner you may want to sit opposite each other, hold hands and synchronize breathing or inhale while your partner exhales.

Do a Banishment

It is very important to visualize a strong circle/globe of protection that keeps all unwanted spirits out, or do any other banishment you prefer, before you actually start the ritual.

Perform the Ritual

I know two 'main routes': one with emphasis on the affirmation/mantra/Word of Power, and one with emphasis on visualization. If you choose to work with an affirmation: Arouse yourself and/or your partner by any sexual activity you wish to use until you almost reach orgasm. Meanwhile keep on repeating the affirmation or mantra; you can say it out loud or repeat it silently.

When you are at the brink of orgasm back off by stopping all genital stimulation, stopping all pelvic movements and relax the muscles in the pelvic floor. Breathe deeply and concentrate even more on your mantra. After a while build up more excitement, backing off again just before the point-of-no-return. This way you build up a great amount of sexual magical energy and deep erotic sensations; you may reach a state of sexual trance.

After several times coming close you wish to sweep all of your intent into the universe; let orgasm happen and - here comes the most important part - keep on affirming during orgasm with full mental concentration, call out loud your magical word(s) and don't mind the neighbors!

Take care: if you lose focus during orgasm, you will have had great sex but no magical ritual! Continue the ritual until both (or all) partners have reached orgasm.

If you prefer working with a visualization: Start with visualizing very vividly the new reality; see yourself in the desired situation, feel your happiness about it, visualize it as bright and detailed as you can. If you work for somebody else, for instance in case of a healing, visualize their joy and enthusiasm in the new situation. When your visualization is complete to your idea, tell your mind that this is your focus, then mentally store it in your sub-consciousness. Start making love with your partner or masturbating, no longer thinking about the visualization. At the brink of orgasm back off, recall your visualization and breathe your orgasmic energy in it. Continue the rhythm of arousal and backing off several times. Just before orgasm recall the visualization from your mind and breathe/channel your orgasm into it.

Circle of Lovers, drawing by Auguste Rodin

Some words about orgasm

If you are a woman capable of having multiple orgasms (a series of orgasms quickly after one another), just enjoy, have them during the ritual and end with the final orgasm. If you are a man, here's the good news that men can learn to have multiples too; by coming close then backing off just before the point-of-no-return several times men can experience all the feelings of an orgasm without having an ejaculation. Some men have a series of small orgasms, some men experience them as bigger orgasms. If you can do this, end the ritual with final orgasm/ejaculation.

Not all men know that most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm; although there are erotic areas in the vagina most women need the pressure of the pubic bone of their partner against the clitoris or stimulation by hand during intercourse to have orgasm. The clitoris is a tiny size female penis; it also swells during arousal and it is designed especially for female pleasure. You will find it where the inner lips meet at the top, it looks like a small knob and it desires the same soft caresses with hand (make it moist with some vaginal fluids), tongue or sucking as the male head of the penis.

Other not so well known female erotic zones are (but not as sensitive as the clitoris):

1)       The G-spot, about 1,5 inch inside the vagina, on the front side, you'll recognize it by the rougher texture than the rest of the vagina; when you stimulate this for a while first the woman often feels like urinating, but when she's through this feeling this place will become very sensitive and enable her an orgasm with ejaculation

2)      A spot more or less opposite the G-spot

3)      The spot just above the opening of the urinary tube (just above the vagina).

After orgasm you may wish to confirm your magick with the words: "So mote it be" and to give thanks to God/the Goddess and your partner.

It is important to stay close the first minutes after intercourse with your genitals close together. There are two reasons for this:

There are situations where you do not want to stay close together with your genitals. The charged sexual fluids can be used to charge an amulet or talisman by smearing some of it on them; in case your ritual was for gaining money you can smear it on a coin or paper money you had put on your altar; you can redraw the lines of a sigil for this ritual with it, mix the fluid with wine and drink it with your partner, etc.

In sex magick the charged sexual fluids have become the sacred elixir of life, and are in no way dirty. If however you are carrying a sexual transmittable disease it is best to skip this part. When you are doing sex magick alone please know that your sexual fluids form a complete sacrament, although they now contain one polarity, not two.

End the Ritual with a Banishment

The heightened energy of your ritual may have attracted astral beings. Make sure to keep them at a distance by reconfirming your banishment, like for instance a visualized circle of protection.

Danae, by Gustav Klimt. The golden stream of Zeus' sperm between the thighs of the earthly beauty

Spontaneous Rituals

Sometimes your hormones are knocking; there is no time to prepare a ritual but still you wish to direct your sexual energy into magick. Try this:

The woman and her Moon

The days before the menstruation a larger amount of hormones circulates in the female body, not only increasing her emotions but also her magical power. During menstruation this extra power leaves her body; this can give an extra dimension to the elixir, but please be very careful to only use this when the woman is in good health. After all menstruation is also a natural monthly cleaning period for her body.

Not all women feel like having sex in this period. But those who do can feel strongly accepted in all their feminine aspects by having intercourse these days. Sexual union during the (pre)menstruation days can often relief the cramps many women experience during their period. I have not read it in any book, but it's quite logical that the day of ovulation is also an extreme powerful day for the woman, even apart from the fact that she can get pregnant then. It is her personal full moon - but don't forget the condom, or do oral sex magick. If however you wish to conceive you can make this a special happening with a lovingly and carefully prepared sex magick ritual - and give your baby a very good start.

Solo, Duo or Group Rituals

Many sex magicians prefer to perform their rituals in the form of auto-eroticism and/or having intercourse with a partner. But there are more possibilities and variations. You may wish to take a look at them and consider to implement them in your sex magickal practice.

Solo sex magick

"Hey, don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love!" Woody Allen

To many of us the word masturbation has a bad taste. It is said to be sinful and make you deaf, lame and blind (?) Let's be honest and admit that almost all human beings masturbate since the discovery of their sexuality in childhood.

Masturbation is a very good way to overall self-acceptance and respect for your body as an earthly home for your spirit. If you practice physical self-love this way I guarantee you a much greater feeling of satisfaction and calmness of mind then when you use it as a quick way to get rid of tension.

The above mentioned quote of Woody Allen makes me smile, but it contains truth: accepting and enjoying self-stimulation is making love with your inner lover. After this intro it won't surprise you that many sex magicians advice to start practicing sex magick with masturbation. It's simply the best way to learn to know your body, to explore your individual reactions and learn how to prolong orgasm. Another reason is that it makes you independent of a partner; it is a powerful sex magick technique in itself. And this explains why most sex magickal acts are auto-erotic. The best known solo sex magick practice is one person raising magical energy by self-stimulation.

Drawing of a masturbating woman, Gustav Klimt

Another possibility is visualizing a goddess or god making love to you while you're masturbating. Goddesses and gods personify important human characteristics and talents/qualities, or aspects of life in their pure form. We can imagine ourselves in sexual union with a deity in case we wish to strengthen or emphasize these qualities in ourselves.

Thank and release the deity before you end the ritual! Working with a goddess/god can be intensely erotic. Deities are free from negative sexual conditioning, they will let go, and they bring along much energy.

Note: Each deity has its own personality and they will bring it with during their loveplay. Therefore know who you invite. Working with deities is not something I would advise for beginning sex magicians. You can even go further by invoking a goddess/god into your own body. Here you deliberately surrender your ego. You offer yourself completely for a higher purpose. You can work this deep and intense sex magick as described above. At the end thank and release the deity! Again: this is not for starting sex magicians. And never, never invoke an entity lower than a goddess/god/archangel into your body!

Jupiter seducing Olympia, painting by Guilio Romano

A technique between solo and duo sex magick is this: one magician fully concentrates on the magical goal, while a supportive partner arouses him/her. After having explored auto-erotic sex magick first, this is a good way to smoothly 'glide' into working with a partner.

Sex magick with a partner

"Come forth, o children, under the stars, and take your fill of love." Aleister Crowley

In partner sex magick the energy circulates and builds up between two people. To produce great effect it is best if both partners are more or less equally trained in sex magick, or truly willing to become so and practice a lot.

Your partner should always know that you intent to do a sex magick ritual - and agree with it! It is perfect to expand barriers in duo sex magick as long as you both feel comfortable with it. If for any reason something happens against your will immediately stop the ritual!

The commonly known technique of duo sex magick is having intercourse, be it with a partner of the opposite sex or of the same sex. Several magicians advice the position woman-on-top for sex magick; in this position the woman controls the depth and rhythm of penetration, she can get clitoral stimulation, and most men need more time to reach orgasm. All good reasons to use this position, but even more important is your personal preference. And you might wish to change positions as well; for this reason it is practical to place your symbol/sigil on different places in the room - or draw it with body paint on your partner's body!

Woman on top, Kama Sutra

Intercourse positions can be seen as Asana's, yoga-positions, each having a specific way of freeing and directing energies. I came across some considerations on certain positions:

Lotus position, Kama Sutra

Mutual oral sex magick is not suitable if you work with affirmations, but good if you work with sigils and visualizations. Partners can agree to invoke a goddess or god into one of the partners, while the other partner keeps his or her human form. This is a strong way of adoring the divine core in your partner and it can be really special for both partners.

The partner who will take on the god-form allows his or her mind to go blank, while the other partner invokes the goddess/god into his or her (it should be clear that you have to agree on the deity on beforehand).

These rituals merely serve spiritual development; you normally don't use them for a specific goal in the outside world, but both enjoy adoring the divinity in a sexual way. In The Great Rite a goddess/god is invoked into both partners. This is for advanced sex magicians. The male magician invokes the goddess into the female magician (having her mind blank), and the female magician invokes the god into her partner (having made his mind blank) - or the other way around. Again this is sex magick for spiritual evolution, and it can be very intense and unusual.

Distance sex magick: for instance you live in London, your partner is on a business-trip in Tokyo and you want to do magick together. Agree (on the phone or email) on a goal, affirmation/visualization/sigil, time to start the ritual and approximate lenght of it (mind the different time-zones). Visualize a very big circle of protection, covering all the way from London to Tokyo. Then start masturbating, strongly visualizing your partner having sex with you, calling out his/her name from time to time and complete the ritual.

Group Sex Magick Rituals

"There is no act of passion that shall not be a hymn in mine honour." Aleister Crowley

A group sex magickal act is not a kinky party; see it as a serious dedication of a number of people to a certain goal. The fact that magick works synergistic is a very good reason for a group to practice (sex) magick. No one in the world can demand you to ever do a sex magickal act against your will. But you may also consider that social behavior has taught us to regard our bodies and sexual expressions as being sinful - thus keeping us from showing our nudity and sexuality in public. So the big question I'd like to ask, and I don't know the answer, is: how natural is the aversion of many people against group sex?

The Tiger, Kama Sutra

Group rituals are for advanced sex magicians. Every participant must know how to raise, control and direct energies. They must be determined to work magick with their sexuality; if their aim is to sexually freak out with many partners they will ruin the ritual.

In a group ritual it is absolutely not possible to cross barriers, the group has to agree on possible borders on beforehand. If someone namely does something another member of the group feels uncomfortable with, the whole energy chain will be broken and the ritual will be worthless. Generally spoken group rituals can follow the techniques described under solo and duo sex magick. They can be masturbatory, in the form of having intercourse, or in the form of a large oral circle.

Of course establishing an atmosphere of contact, trust and openness is very important within a group ritual. A group meditation, holding hands in a circle feeling the energy circulating, or maybe chanting a mantra together are very good to start with. A larger group will have a leader, a person not participating in the ritual, but spiritually and magically guiding the group. The leader will do the banishments and take care of the timing and process of the ritual. This gives the group the opportunity to be completely sexually involved, raising enormous energy.

The leader will from time to time ask the group to spread the raised energy amongst the group and to focus it into the direction of the chosen goal. The leader will also harmonize the energies by directing them with his will, and raising them if needed, from a place with much energy to a place within the group with less energy. And at the peak of the sexual energy the leader will ask the group to work towards orgasm and channel all their energy into the magical goal.

I would like to end this piece with the suggestion of a group ritual for the healing of mother earth (or a partner ritual, or a solo ritual). Nowadays many groups meditate for the well being and healing of our planet. By using sex magick we can actively send healing to the planet who gave birth to all of us. The bible states that our bodies are made from dust of the earth. With sex magick we can return mother earth some of this gift.

I wish you a happy and fulfilled sex magickal life!


  1. Modern Sex Magick: Secrets of Erotic Spirituality, by Donald Michael Kraig