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 Welcome to Cauldron Classroom

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Greetings!  And welcome to the new Cauldron Class!!!!!!!


Within these pages we will try and have a very extensive knowledge base of information on things Wiccan and Pagan. 


We are looking for people to help develop this site, and dont worry, just for content and teaching.  We plan on having a chat system, message board, a BoS (book of shadows) for spells, rituals etc ect.  And a "Student" section that will offer a FREE  yes we said FREE 3 degree system.  So as of this morning at 6a.m on 4-5-08 the site is being uploaded, and will be worked on all this weekend, so keep checking back, as things will change.


I am talking everything from Herbs, and all of their information to better help you plan your spells, and Crystals and Stones to help in that aspect as well.  And I will also have astrological information as well.  A very good correspondence section will be ups soon as well, as that is key to a successful spell :)


Keep checking back as I will be working on this site all this week.  If there is a particular item that is not listed here, please feel free to ask me and we will do our best to find the information and add it to the growing list.


Lady Morgana Emania HPs founder


As of now, we are furiously working on these pages. It is a new site, and is under construction. If there is anything that you do not see that you would like to see added, please feel free to ask me.


We are furiously working on the Tarot section as well as a spells/BoS section.  Additionally the student section will be up within the next few days.    So be patient as we update this site.  In order to bring the best information to you and if you are interested in joining, or teaching, let us know as there are many paths and variations to this knowledge.  You can contact us via the contact page.

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