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I am sure that you are anxious and curious as to what you will find within these pages :) and I hope that we live up to the expectation of the visitors and students.  Basically you will find what you want, which is a complete explanation and description on the cards, and more.

There is also a explanation on the elements, meaning of the cards, the numerology equivalent of the cards and the astrology equivalent.  Those kinds of definitions you will find cross referenced in links within the pages.  I will also include a instructional Tarot Class that I found online to help you further.

First I will say this, I as a Tarot reader do not do "Reversed" cards.  And I can tell you I have had success.  I can also say that there are no bad luck cards, no dooms day cards.  The Death card is not a bringer of death card.  And to tell a person while giving a reading that there is foreboding in their future or death and destruction just to give yourself a power boost or a ego trip is completely unethical.

ALWAYS remember the three fold law.  What you give out, comes back to you times three....

Please keep checking back, as it will be a ongoing work in progress this week.

The deck that I will be using for the graphics.  I have sent a letter for permission, and will take them down if I am not allowed.  But full credit is given to Ellen Cannon Reed and Martin Cannon for the cards.  And to Llewellyn Publishing.  None of the graphic from the cards can be reproduced without their permission. 

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