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Greetings and welcome to the newly revised site :)  As you can see, it is under a serious state of rebuilding.  For now, select from the navigation bar to the left, and I will be re organizing as I go along this weekend.  Take a look at the whole site and under the book of shadows pages is a LOT of info, that I am working hard on.... and I will leave you with this thought...What is Perfect love and Perfect trust.....




"The teaching of perfect love and perfect trust is a MODEL not only for the circle, but also for day to day living.  It implies acceptance of all people, with all of their faults and strengths.  It is the highest goal we are asked to achieve, as expressions of our faith in each other as microcosms of the divine.  It is also an expression of our relationship to breitling replica watches the divine, that we love our Gods and Goddesses, trust in their power, and trust in the power they give us."


I think that that that paragraph sums it up very nicely.  When you are dealing with people within the craft, building relationships, and perhaps possibly working towards either creating a circle or joining one, always remember that the "Perfect Love and Perfect Trust" is not a immediate thing.  As McCoy once stated, It is not obtained just because a circle has been cast.  It takes time.  Be careful and cautious, wet at the same time yet your intuition and heart guide you.

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With the relationship with the divine?   Only you can answer that.  If you have chosen your Deity and you are a solitary, then there was a reason, right?  If you are starting fresh, as a newcomer to the craft, and to a coven, again, be careful, be cautious.  Ill include a page on my site about that.


Blessed Be!!



***This site is under serious reconstruction as of Dec 2nd 2010,  It will be full of Pagan/Wiccan information and information from my personal Book of Shadows and other information that I have found through the years online and from other places.  It is also going to be a place of learning as you will se from the links to the left.***


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